I am so happy that you found your way here to Simple Garden Kitchen. I am a lover of coffee, gin cocktails, rainy fall days, and a good chick flick.  I am also co-owner of Lilyput, a luxury boutique floral and event design studio based in the lovely cities of Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington. 

I grew up in the Midwest and have lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the last 12 years. I now split my time between Seattle and Milwaukee. When not traveling for work creating weddings you will find me spending time with my family and friends, taking walks with Luna my 3 year old rescue pup and digging in my garden.

My approach to food is that it shouldn't be overly fussy. Everyday dinners should be simple and approachable. Made with easy to find ingredients, clear instructions and recipes you would actually make on a regular basis! Who has time to make dinners that take hours of prep-work and cooking time everyday? Certainly not me.

These are the recipes I make all the time for my family and friends. 

Hi, I'm Erica

My Cut Flower Garden

weekend snuggles with Luna

Designing Beautiful Arrangements

A good oat milk latte

Things I heart

I gravitate towards recipes that use fresh whole food seasonal ingredients that are big on flavor. I call my recipes healthy-ish! Why? Because I think most of us desire to eat healthy food we just may find it overwhelming or boring. It's all about finding balance. Food should be delicious or why eat it? Healthy doesn't have to be bland. Also, life without the occasional sweet or treat is boring!

I'm glad to have you here!

Everyday dinners should be simple and approachable

Erica Leigh

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